Star Trek Enterprise – Evaluation, Episode ratings & Episode guide

11 April, 2011

The prequel Star Trek TV series Enterprise got a lot of hate on its initial appearance, though fans have become more circumspect in the intervening years, and a few (including myself) have come out as outright fans of the show. The series certainly had flaws, though I think cases of absolute rejection of the show were due less to these, and more to pedantic continuity issues, and simple weariness with the multiple, ongoing iterations of the franchise.

THE GOOD: Though others found him controversial (perhaps partly due to familiarity with the actor from another popular series), I liked Captain Archer. He’s the first captain since Kirk whose wrestling with moral issues is actually visible on his face. Sidekick characters Trip and Malcom Reed are generally much loved – no controversy there. I always enjoyed Dr. Phlox, though some are cold on him for some reason; I do think he never quite felt like an integrated member of the crew. The Vulcan character T’Pol was alright but never became as likable and interesting as her prominent position in the show would suggest; I think this proves my theory that Vulcans are better played by actors who resemble them somewhat in real life. Scholarly Nimoy has a more appropriate psychological background than perky girl-next-door Blalock. Lastly, the Andorian character Shran rightly became a much-loved recurring character, despite being ostensibly a hostile alien.

THE BAD: I feel like an arsehole for saying it, but the two non-White members of the crew were played by the two worst actors in the cast. Each series has had … inconsistencies, shall we say, in casting, but that doesn’t make the ones in Enterprise any easier to overlook. The actor playing Mayweather is badly miscast as the upbeat, innocent kid of the show; he mostly portrays this quality by just grinning like a goon. In season 4 the character finally got a bit gritty, which turned out to play a bit more to the actor’s abilities. Hoshi, as portrayed, was just bland and shallow, not actually jarring as in the case of Mayweather, just a disappointment whenever the script required more than tech-speak.  Archer started off as a bit of a jerk, aggressive and heedless of advice to an unrealistic extent; fortunately this trait diminished as the show went on.  Shran suffered the opposite problem: he started as a smart, bold character, but with every reappearance became more ineffectual and petulant. In the final episode, Shran’s degradation is complete and he is simply a loser.

After a very good pilot episode, Enterprise quickly got bogged down in some very unimaginative repetition of stories familiar from previous series, especially TNG and TOS. There were also the issues of story problems not having strong emotional connection to the main characters, and of script structures (A story, B story, C story, and runner) not feeling integrated. Things improved in the second half of season 2, concluding with an intriguing finale. It’s generally agreed that the 3rd series was a great improvement on the first two, though the lingering bad reputation meant some still weren’t willing to give it a chance.
Opinion is split on which is the best of seasons 3 and 4; I think those who hold up 4 as the best do so because it at last explored continuity links with the later series in greater depth than the “guest appearance” of episodes like “Acquisition” (Ferengi) and “Regeneration” (Borg). I found 4 very inconsistent. In particular, “Home”, though a fan favourite, seems to me like a lame soap opera; The Augments 3-episode arc is sabotaged by both the acting and costuming of the titular superhumans (they look like they are from some terrible 80s music video); The Vulcan arc has a mediocre episode between two great ones; Daedelus is predictable and dull. There is generally a feeling of good ideas receiving only adequate realisation.
Season 3 is unique in having a strong story arc throughout. It derives a unique emotional power and resonance from its obvious reflection of the paranoia, anxiety and moral conflict that followed the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001. At the same time, advantage is taken of the opportunity represented by venturing into a dangerous territory not seen in the previous shows: the spatial anomalies, awesome spheres and the uniquely various nature of the Xindi race represent the science fiction aspect of Star Trek at its best.
The final episode of Enterprise is justly derided, and I won’t go into a detailed analysis here. Instead I’ll just say that the worst thing about it is the wasted opportunity it represents. I agree with fans that the Terra Prime or Mirror Darkly arcs make a much more satisfactory conclusion.

See below my personal ratings (out of 10) for the episodes of the series Star Trek Enterprise. I’ve tried to make each score an average of all the episode’s qualities, not determined by one good or bad element in particular. I find myself in accordance with common fan opinion, in this case, in regarding season two as the weakest (though it really picks up in the 2nd half starting from Cease Fire) and three as the strongest overall. All seasons have some good episodes. For me, some fans have overrated the fourth season due to its referencing of previous series and continuity.

Season 1 Average score 5.12 ; Av score 5+ 5.65
Season 2 Average score 5.19 ; Av score 5+ 5.67
Season 3 Average score 5.79 ; Av score 5+ 5.96
Season 4 Average score 5.64 ; Av score 5+ 5.89
[2nd score is the ratings average omitting low scoring episodes]

Star Trek Enterprise Season 1 Episode Ratings Graph

7 *           *
6   *   *       *     *       *         *   .     *
5           *       *   * * .     * * *     *
4     *   *       *     .   *   *         *   * *
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2
                    0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5

  B F S U T A B C F C S D S S S F R A O D V F D T S
  r i t n e n r i o o i e l h h u o c a e o a e w h
  o g r e r d e v r l l a e a u s g q s t x l s o o
  k h a x r o a i t d e r e d t i u u i a   l e   c
  e t n p a r k l u   n   p o t o e i s i S e r d k
  n   g e   i i i n F t D i w l n   s   n o n t a w
    o e c N a n s a r   o n s e   P i   e l     y a
  B r   t o n g a t o E c g   p   l t   d a H C s v
  o   N e v     t e n n t   o o   a i       e r   e
  w F e d a I T i   t e o D f d   n o       r o a
    l w     n h o S   m r o       e n       o s n P
    i       c e n o   y   g P O   t           s d a
    g W     i     n       s ‘ n               i   r
    h o     d I             J e               n t t
    t r     e c             e                 g w
      l     n e             m                   o 1
      d     t

Star Trek Enterprise Season 2 Episode Ratings Graph

8                             *
7                 *             *   *
6       *                             *       * *   *
5 *   *   *   * *       *   *     *   . * * *     *
4   *       * .           *                 . .
3                   *
0                     *
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
                    0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6

  S C M D A M T T S V P T D S C F C T J H T C R F B T
  h a i e   a h h i a r h a t e u a h u o h o e i o h
  o r n a N r e e n n e e w i a t n e d r e g g r u e
  c b e d i a     g i c   n g s u a   g i   e e s n
  k o f   g u S C u s i C   m e r m C m z B n n t t E
  w n i S h d e o l h o a   a   e a r e o r i e   y x
  a   e t t e v m a i u t     F   r o n n e t r F   p
  v C l o   r e m r n s w     i T   s t   a o a l   a
  e r d p i s n u i g   a     r e   s     c r t i   n
    e     n   t n t   C l     e n   i     h   i g   s
  P e         h i y P a k       s   n         o h   e
  a k     S     c   o r         e   g         n t
  r       i     a   i g
  t       c     t   n o
          k     o   t
  2       b     r

Star Trek Enterprise Season 3 Episode Ratings Graph

8               *
7                               * *   *     *
6   *     *       * *   *   * *         * *   * *
5 *     *   * *       *   *         *
4       .
2     *
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2
                    0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4

  T A E R I E T T N S C C P S H D H A D T E T C Z
  h n x a m x h w o i a h r t a o a z a h [ h o e
  e o t j p i e i r m r o o r r c t a m e 2 e u r
    m i i u l   l t i p s v a b t c t a   ]   n o
  X a n i l e S i h l e e i t i o h i g F   C t
  i l c n s   h g   i n n n a n r e   e o   o d H
  n y t   e   i h S t t   g g g ‘ r P   r   u o o
  d   i       p t t u e R   e e s y r   g   n w u
  i   o       m   a d r e G m r     i   o   c n r
      n       e   r e   a r     O   m   t   i
              n       S l o     r   e   t   l
              t       t m u     d       e
                      r   n     e       n
                      e   d     r
                      e         s

Star Trek Enterprise Season 4 Episode Ratings Graph

8             *
7                           *  *
6 * *     * *     *   *   *   *   *  *
5       *       *   .   *       *       * *
4     *             *                       *
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2
                      0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2
     | |     |     |   |     |   | |   |   |
  S S H B C T T A K D O B U T A D B I I D T T
  t t o o o h h w i a b a n h f i o n n e e h
  o o m r l e e a r e s b i e f v u     m r e
  r r e d d     k ‘ d e e t   l e n a a o r s
  m m   e   A F e S e r l e A i r d     n a e
        r S u o n h l v   d e c g   M M s
  F F   l t g r i a u e O   n t e   i i   P A
  r r   a a m g n r s r n   a i n   r r   r r
  o o   n t e e g a     e   r o c   r r   i e
  n n   d i n         E       n e   o o   m
  t t     o t         f             r r   e t
          n s         f                     h
  P P                 e             D D     e
  a a     1           c             a a
  r r     2           t             r r     V
  t t                               k k     o
                                    l l     y
  1 2                               y y     a
                                    P P     e
                                    a a     s
                                    r r
                                    t t

                                    1 2


These very brief reviews were written a while after viewing the series, so in some cases I was unable to give any details. Hopefully one day I will find time to do a more thorough job.


1-2. BROKEN BOW [pilot episode] – 7/10
An intriguing and exciting start. A shame the series didn’t live up to this (apparently the network nixed spending the first season building up to the launch of the Enterprise).

I don’t remember this one.

Standard planet-makes-crew-nuts episode, with awkward acting and no suspense.

5. UNEXPECTED – 6/10
Interesting to meet these new aliens, and see Trip’s reaction to them.

6. TERRA NOVA – 4/10
The idea of lost colonist children being antagonistic to Enterprise, and living underground, is interesting, but plotting and script are creaky.

Interesting to visit Vulcan shrine and meet Andorians (Shran), but the drama isn’t moving.

Not much happens but it’s very well done. Nice to see the crew in action without standard “stakes”.

A nice “away” story, with intriguing premise and genuine suspense.

10. FORTUNATE SON – 4/10
I barely remember this one.

11. COLD FRONT – 5/10
I barely remember this one.

12. SILENT ENEMY – 6/10
I barely remember this one. The subplot of Hoshi trying to find out Reed’s favourite meal was redundant, and exposes Hoshi’s lack of charisma.

13. DEAR DOCTOR – 5/10
The moral question is unconvincing, but the alien society is interesting, and there are some nice character moments.

14. SLEEPING DOGS – 5/10
The unbelievable silliness of the Klingons, trying to kill everyone they meet, ruins this.

15. SHADOWS OF P’JEM – 4/10
I barely remember this one. It’s often highly rated, so I’ll have to give it another go.

Nice small-scale character piece, with genuine suspense.

17. FUSION – 4/10
Is this the one with the stupid mind-rape? After a nice set-up, it got pretty creaky.

18. ROGUE PLANET – 5/10
Intriguing set-up devolves into dull silliness.

19. ACQUISITION – 5/10
The obligatory Ferengi appearance. Feels redundant.

20. OASIS – 5/10
Nice old-school set-up, with creaky execution.

21. DETAINED – 6/10
Captain and Mayweather find themselves in a prison for Suliban (enemy race). Nice setting and some interesting scenes, but plot resolution is mechanical.

22. VOX SOLA – 4/10
Standard “alien creature seems like a monster but just wants to go home” story. Dull mechanical plotting, and too much weak acting.

23. FALLEN HERO – 5/10
The disgraced Vulcan embassador is an interesting idea, but the actress is much too hearty, and therefore unconvincing. The plot also seems confused.

After some awkward set-up, the dilemma of being caught between opposing forces has potential, but story detours into dull desert survival, then peters out.

The stuff with the dog is nice, but: the captain’s tentative romance is dull and unconvincing, Hoshi is dull and her love interest seems like a prick, and Reed and name forgotten’s “escapade” is rote, unfunny, unconvincing, and without payoff.

26. SHOCKWAVE, PART 1 – 6/10
Intriguing plot, with setup of thousands killed and Enterprise apparently responsible. Potential diplomatic disaster. Don’t remember what happens next.


1. SHOCKWAVE, PART 2 – 5/10
Disappointing, fumbling plotting to resolve last season’s cliffhanger. But it is interesting to see the Suliban base.

2. CARBON CREEK – 4/10
Idea with potential, spoiled by dull acting from the Vulcans, and no real emotional interest to the story.

3. MINEFIELD – 5/10
The alien minefield is interesting and dramatic, and the faceless enemy aliens watching was a nice touch. However, the “ticking clock” of the mine on Reed’s leg got dull.

4. DEAD STOP – 6/10
Decent story with interesting set-up of intelligent repair station. The corridor sequence was weak.

Apparently much-hated. The problem lies in the set-up, in which our supposedly admirable captain took his dog down to the Planet of the Easily Offended, and was surprised that they were offended by its behaviour. The captain’s marvellously silly apology ritual at the end is an amusing payoff.

6. MARAUDERS – 4/10
By-the-numbers Magnificent Seven rip-off, with stupid colonists needing defending, and Klingons surprisingly bad at fighting and tactics.

7. THE SEVENTH – 5/10
Interesting story but silly plotting and weak acting.

Concept with great potential, episode is sabotaged by too-small scale, dull directing and wooden acting especially from Mayweather.

Everyone gets obsessive due to alien thingy – some nice character moments and interesting story. Two things bug me: Hoshi (as usual), and the mental effects of the radiation seeming more like an infection.

Joss Whedon would love this stupid “symbolic” story in which Hoshi, after worrying about being superfluous, begins to imagine she is literally vanishing.

The predictable script is sunk primarily by a hugely obnoxious guest actress, but also by a “hilarious” fake trial with wooden acting from captain and T’Pol.

12. THE CATWALK – 5/10
The set-up had great potential as a “bottle” character study, but is undermined by superfluous alien threat taking over the story.

13. DAWN – 4/10
Standard “marooned with the enemy” story. Sunk by Trip’s wooden acting. Instead of looking desperate, the most emotion he can muster is mild peevishness.

14. STIGMA – 5/10
“Alien AIDS”. Slow, rote plotting. Vulcans acting illogically. T’Pol saying she was mindraped when, according to “Fusion” episode, she wasn’t.

15. CEASE FIRE – 8/10
A great-looking episode, with movie-ish photography. Shran and Soval get lots of interesting things to do, and there’s real suspense and intrigue. Also, the weak secondary actors (Mayweather, Hoshi) have virtually no lines. The whole show should’ve been like this.

16. FUTURE TENSE – 7/10
Interesting elements with “Tardis” spaceship, time paradox, and interesting mysterious aliens. It all seems to come to nothing, unfortunately.

17. CANAMAR – 5/10
Unusual thriller episode with captain on the run, pretending to be a smuggler. This plot was supposedly to be the escape from the Klingon prison after Judgment (ep19), but Berman/Braga screwed it.

18. THE CROSSING – 7/10
Interesting conflict with transcended aliens. Nice enough.

19. JUDGMENT – 6/10
Captain on trial on Klingon world is an interesting premise, but lacks strangely in drama. Nice to see Klingons developed a bit more.

20. HORIZON – 5/10
Mayweather visits the ship he grew up on, and has “drama”. Apart from his weak acting, the plot lacks interest, odd considering the visit is because his dad died. Wasn’t there more dramatic potential in that?

21. THE BREACH – 5/10
A very dull story of retrieving some archaeologists from a cave is relieved by an interesting story of Phlox encountering a prejudiced member of an enemy race.

22. COGENITOR – 5/10
Lovely direction can’t quite redeem this dull story of Trip trying to teach an enemy slave to love freedom.

The obligatory Borg episode. Lacks dramatic interest.

24. FIRST FLIGHT – 6/10
Interesting back story for captain and Earth’s space program.

25. BOUNTY – 5/10
Captain kidnapped by bountyhunter (an oddly friendly Tellarite). Rote story but nice character moments and good acting.

26. THE EXPANSE – 6/10
Exciting, dramatic story with focus and momentum, and intriguing set-up for next season.


1. THE XINDI – 5/10
Visiting an alien mine is interesting, but the action feels rote.

2. ANOMALY – 6/10
I barely remember this one.

3. EXTINCTION – 2/10
Average plot, ruined by ridiculous OTT acting by the regulars. They were supposed to be throwbacks to an intelligent civilisation, not gross neanderthals with silly voices.

4. RAJIIN – 5/10
The “sexy slave” set up is painfully contrived and the slave is not likable. Redeemed by interesting revelations about the Xindi.

5. IMPULSE – 6/10
Potentially interesting setup, but unconvincing execution. The zombie Vulcans seem silly.

6. EXILE – 5/10
Hoshi stays with a telepath, again revealing her acting limitations. More revelations about the Xindi.

7. THE SHIPMENT – 5/10
Interesting “away” story on an enemy planet, befriending an alien and telling him about their situation, in return learning more about the Xindi divisions. Good drama and suspense, nice use of various locations and sets.

8. TWILIGHT – 8/10
What at first seems like a throwaway “what if” story turns out to be an interesting time paradox story with science-fictional setup. Good drama and character moments.

9. NORTH STAR – 6/10
Old-fashioned “cowboy planet” setup, but with excellent production and acting (the aliens are the weakest part of this story). Good drama and character moments, especially modern-dress away team appearing on Old West street.

10. SIMILITUDE – 6/10
Interesting SF setup, nicely focused on character to tell the story. Didn’t impress me as much as first viewing; I think the story needed tightening.

The “time travel to Earth’s past” episode. Nice photography and production (supposed to be present day but looks a bit 70s). The Xindi element feels a bit awkward. Nice captain and T’Pol moments.

12. CHOSEN REALM – 6/10
The “wacky alien cult” episode. The idea of a religious war based around the anomaly-causing spheres is interesting, as is the idea that our heroes innocently blasphemed. Sadly, we never delve into the minds of the self-martyring followers.

Nice action-drama episode, focused on getting info from the enemy’s weapon test. Good to see Shran again, but his betrayal is a bit unconvincing, and there was no need for the “we’re just explorers” ruse against the Xindi – that was just an excuse for a couple of jokes.

14. STRATAGEM – 6/10
Intriguing setup, with captain screwing with a captive’s memories and pretending to be his friend, in order to gain info. Good twisting plot and some character moments.

15. HARBINGER – 6/10
The discovery of the spheremaker probe is intriguing, but the plot feels a bit directionless.

16. DOCTOR’S ORDERS – 7/10
Interesting setup, let down by average script. But nice to spend time with Phlox.

17. HATCHERY – 7/10
The setup is a bit obvious, but the notion of forced imprinting is intriguing, and the insectoid cultural info is interesting. Also the tactical discussions and ticking deadline keep things feeling gritty.

18. AZATI PRIME – 5/10
Interesting scenes, but the plot feels unfocused. I enjoyed the first trip to the weapon planet, and the Captain’s bluster in interrogation.

19. DAMAGE – 7/10
Apart from the Captain’s rather unbelievable return to the Enterprise, it’s good to see the ship facing difficult straits realistically. This is also the episode where T’Pol breaks down, and Captain has to reluctantly commit piracy, so lots of character drama.

20. THE FORGOTTEN – 6/10
The meeting with the Xindi has intrigue. The Trip/T’Pol plot pays off with a tearjerking scene near the end.

21. E[2] – 6/10
Enterprise meets a time-paradox future Enterprise containing their descendents. Some idiot-ball plotting spoils things from about the midpoint, i.e. the silly behaviour of the future captain.

22. THE COUNCIL – 7/10
More Xindi cultural revelations, and meeting-room drama, followed by vicious betrayal (is it still backstabbing if it’s from the front?).

23. COUNTDOWN – 6/10
Good action-drama suspense.

24. ZERO HOUR – 6/10
More nice action-drama, with some weak staging, and stupid “twist” ending.


1. STORM FRONT, PART 1 – 6/10
This improvises an explanation for last season’s cliffhanger, and pays nice tribute to old school time travel/Nazi planet stories. Hard to believe the Nazis would leave the African Americans unmolested, though.

2. STORM FRONT, PART 2 – 6/10
Reasonably exciting conclusion, also winding up the Temporal Cold War subplot which had never been employed to great effect.

3. HOME – 4/10
Phony character moments: Captain’s “romance”, Reed acting tough in a bar, Phlox being a helpless ninny. Trip’s relationship with T’Pol’s mother was interesting. Shame that wasn’t developed further.

4. BORDERLAND – 5/10
New plot SLOWLY starts up. Very annoying Augments, bad-acting rejects from a New Romantic video. The Orion slavers section is unconvincing.

5. COLD STATION 12 – 6/10
If you ignore the Augments, it’s quite good, with the plot hinging on the dangers held in a genome depository.

6. THE AUGMENTS – 6/10
I don’t remember why I rated this so high – presumably it has good action-drama and suspense, despite the annoying Augments.

7. THE FORGE – 8/10
Intriguing, twisty setup (though with plot-holes) leads to exploring new aspects of Vulcan culture and mysticism. Nice to see Soval get something to do.

8. AWAKENING – 5/10
Following on from previous episode, this continues with intrigue and cultural revelations. Unfortunately undermined by much emotional fraughtness from Vulcans, and superfluity of T’Pau (the “compound” setup is wasted).

9. KIR’SHARA – 6/10
Finale of Vulcan arc. More cultural interest. Don’t remember what else.

10. DAEDELUS – 4/10
Vaguely interesting concept, but dull script and weak performance from guest lead ruin it. The Trip/T’Pol scenes are interesting.

Interesting concept about transcended aliens possessing crew bodies and observing the ship’s crisis dispassionately. The captain lecturing them about humanity’s superiority at the end was rather silly and let the whole thing down a bit.

12. BABEL ONE – 5/10
Intriguing diplomatic crisis with Enterprise stuck in the middle, though once again Shran is made the “butt monkey”, raging impotently as usual, and with an unconvincing dead lover we never knew. The mysterious enemy ship is a satisfyingly intriguing development.

13. UNITED – 6/10
Nice action-drama with Trip and Reed trying to survive and get off the enemy ship.

14. THE AENAR – 7/10
Interesting subspecies of Andorians introduced and related to the mysterious ships. The necessity to build a psychic remote control unit for the enemy ship is implausible, to say nothing of how fast they build this magical doohickey.

15. AFFLICTION – 6/10
The kidnapping of Phlox is silly and unconvincing, as is Reed’s sudden revelation as 007, but the subsequent rescue mission has nice sense of urgency and mystery.

16. DIVERGENCE – 5/10
Nicely explains the smooth-headed Klingons of the original series, and Phlox gets some nice moments with the Klingons. The Klingons’ desire to shoot everything they see is again unbelievably silly (“Don’t shoot, we have the cure for your plague!” “Die, human!”). The whole combat thing at the end feels unconvincing and unnecessary.

17. BOUND – 6/10
The “Orion slave girls” episode. The first half attempts to emulate the 60s sexy-sexism of the original series, but just seems nasty. Second half vindicates a bit with revelations of Orion control of males via pheromones. Sadly, the Orion girls remain skanky bad actors.

The “evil alternate universe” episode. The character alterations are interesting, but there is too much of Hoshi’s weak acting, and silly, tedious to-and-froing in the plot.

The recreations of the original series Enterprise and costumes are enjoyable, but the plot is very heavily padded. The culmination is a tour de force of sub-par acting from Hoshi. Empress of Earth: “Sorry, your credit card has expired.”

20. DEMONS – 5/10
Interesting story about a terrorist Earthians First movement. Sadly, Shran wasn’t used in the interplanetary conference at the beginning, supposedly because he was appearing in the final episode. You are right, that makes no sense. Peter Weller is terrific as the terrorist leader. Trip/T’Pol are underwhelming. Mayweather is ineffectual in his “romance” subplot.

21. TERRA PRIME – 5/10
Following on from Demons. The terrorist plot doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, but the Mars setting is refreshing, the showdown is reasonably exciting, and of course guest actor Weller is great. The Trip/T’Pol end scene is a real downer.

This episode is famously hated, but it’s not as bad as (season 1) Cold Front, Silent Enemy, (season 2) Vanishing Point, Precious Cargo, or (season 3) Extinction. That said, the whole story is misguided, and untrue to the spirit and characters of the show. The death of Trip is unnecessary. Shran is wasted again, thought I suppose his butt monkey role is “par for the course” by now (whatever that means). The TNG element was unnecessary and irrelevant (and insufferably smug as always).


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