Rejected by eHarmony

29 November, 2010

Heh. After I was rejected, I did a search and found I’m not exactly the only one this has happened to.

One odd thing was that the “free” personality assessment I was given was off-base. It said I am very concerned with independence and personal responsibility, and basically I think that if someone can’t swim, they should be left to drown. But this is not true – I’m not a libertarian!

This might have been a result of me assessing myself as less than “somewhat” generous and charitable. But that’s because I don’t have a high income and I’m terrified of becoming poor and ending up on the streets. Where’s the box to tick for that, huh?

The really odd thing is that, by focusing on this, the assessment failed to mention the real issue which would have been made clear by my answers, which is that I have very low self esteem (as measured in perceived personal attractiveness and social anxiety level) and dysthemia (fancy word for melancholy).

And all this shouldn’t really be relevant anyway, should it? Supposedly 20% are rejected because eHarmony wants to increase the odds of good matches. But what about emotional screw-ups who are looking for likewise? And yes, there are some psycho guys out there, but you just know there are a couple of girls out there who would happily tick the “looking for someone to cut my head off with a blunt knife” box, if that option was available. Let’s bring these people together, huh?

Anyway, this was an experiment more than a serious attempt. I’m looking more to geek-specific dating sites for a match. It’s just a shame that eHarmony is so constricted by its entry requirements that it can’t even understand that unhappy people need love too.


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