Thanks to my work admin, I am stuck with IE8. I swear IE has been going downhill since 4.5… Here are some of my favourite stupidities:

Toolbars seem to be less customisable than before: the address bar is at the top of the screen and you can’t move it. The search bar, which I never use, can’t be removed. The favourites button can’t be removed (it calls up the Favorites explorer bar, which basically duplicates the Favorites drop-down in the menu bar). I can’t move/remove any toolbar icons (unlike in Word, for instance).

The address bar will only drop down if Autocomplete is enabled. I hate autocomplete. Drop down addresses are displayed in over-large font (a limited number of addresses, in the order IE8 think is best), and there is an INVISIBLE delete button beside each address (to the right). The Compatability Mode icon keeps flashing up messages I don’t need to see.

OTOH, we get “searchability”, which seems to me to be enabling stupidity – you can now do so many different things from the address bar that it’s impossible to tell what you’re doing. Whoopdedoo.