Muslim men hate women

28 August, 2009

That muslim men hate women is the only conclusion I can arrive at, based on things I’ve heard in passing, and this nauseating article (I mean that the subject is nauseating, not the prose). Really, what benefit is there to society, by letting these ways take hold in the West? How long will Europe remain tolerant – until there is a sufficient Muslim vote to introduce sharia law? We can’t fight this awful trend until we have the courage to stop demeaning ourselves and praising other, more “authentic” cultures. We need to be proud of (and indeed more fully aware of) the Western virtues of freedom of thought, expression, and the search for knowledge, which we take for granted but which arrived only by centuries of struggle. Otherwise, just as a person with low self-esteem will always become a victim, all that is of worth in the West will be suppressed and trodden underfoot.


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