Anime soundtracks – new shipment received!

13 March, 2009

I just had a big shipment of anime soundtrack CDs arrive, so I’ll be investigating them this weekend. I planned carefully and think I’ve made a very good selection. I may post some reviews later.

What I bought:

  1. Someday’s Dreamers [58m]
    Category: Quiet/poignant
  2. Haibane Renmei [52m]
    Category: Quiet/poignant
  3. Fruits Basket Four Seasons [40m]
    Category: Quiet/poignant
  4. Strawberry Marshmallow [42m]
    Category: Cute/kooky
  5. Chobits Soundtrack 002 [52m]
    Category: Cute/kooky
  6. Azumanga Daioh [46m]
    Category: Cute/kooky
  7. RahXephon Soundtrack 1 [21tracks]
    Category: Avant jazz/classical
  8. RahXephon Soundtrack 2 [63m]
    Category: Avant jazz/classical
  9. Serial Experiments Lain [50m]
    Category: Sparse electronic
  10. Texhnolyze Soundtrack 1 “Music Only Music But Music” [71m]
    Category: Sparse electronic
  11. Texhnolyze Soundtrack 2 “The Man of Men” [18 tracks]
    Category: Sparse electronic
  12. Lunar Legend Tsukihime Moonlit Archives [48m]
    Category: Sweeping gothic
  13. Lunar Legend Tsukihime Moonlit Memoirs [46m]
    Category: Sweeping gothic
  14. Neon Genesis Evangelion Refrain of Evangelion [74m]
    Category: The NGE CD with the least number of versions of “Fly me to the moon”.

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