Retarded Americans will doom us all

28 October, 2008

In Australia we don’t get the blanket electoral coverage the citizens of the US are subjected to, but every few days a news show will run a story on the latest trends. The last few stories of this kind I’ve seen have involved canvasing the opinions of stupid rednecks (as opposed to the smart sort, of whom I’m sure there are a few). From them, we hear such gems as: “He’s a socialist – he’s practically a communist!”, “We know he’s a Muslim, why doesn’t he just come out and say it?”, and “He was friends with terrorists a few years ago – he can’t just say that doesn’t matter anymore.” Yes, from the Republican Party propagandists to your ears, via the hollow heads of these empty vessels, they are talking about Barack Obama.

I’ve seen footage of McCain saying, “Now we know what he really wants – to ‘spread the wealth around’!”, which is code for “he’s a communist”. Never mind that Obama was referring to his plan to repeal Bush’s tax cuts for Americans making over than US$250,000 a year (the great majority of Americans make less than that). This came out when Obama was talking with the now-famous “Joe the Plumber”, who misrepresented himself as being about to buy a company making over $250,000. In response, McCain has said, “[Obama] wants government to take Joe’s money and give it to somebody else.” Specifically, though McCain won’t go into specifics, income over the threshold will go back to being taxed at 39% rather than 36%. Income received before the threshold is reached is still taxed at the lower rate. But anyway… now Obama’s a Red, apparently.

The terrorist connection? Obama served on the boards of couple of community organizations at the same time as William Ayers, who is a professor of education at Illinois U, but who had previously been a member of terrorist group the Weathermen 1969-1972. (Ayers was never convicted and didn’t kill anyone; Tim McVeigh was a terrorist who killed a lot more people, but he’s pretty popular with the “base”.) So there you go. I’m betting he once walked past a pedophile on the street – see, he must be a pedophile! And his pizza delivery guy is gay. Wow, all the pieces are falling into place now. So Obama must be a terrorist.

Obama must be a Muslim – after all, he has such a strange, foreign name. Never mind he’s been going to church all his life. Never mind the same people who say he’s a Muslim will also condemn him for the out-of-context sayings of his Christian minister, the “crazy” Rev. Wright. Remember, Obama is black, which means he’s not a proper American, which means he probably worships the devil or something.* And don’t think Obama’s being a black Muslim will stop the same accusers from saying he’s really a rich Jew. That’s about the level of intelligence and moral integrity we can expect from these people.

I wonder how McCain feels about the lies he has to tell. I think the guy does have some decency in his heart, so surely he’s not so power-crazed as to be oblivious to what he’s saying up there. He knows that Obama is not a socialist, or a terrorist, or a Muslim. But maybe he’s been brainwashed by the Republican machine. This crazy degraded circus is Karl Rove‘s ultimate legacy to the American Republic.

Compare this campaign with the previous few, each of which seemed more appallingly bottom-scraping than the last. We all thought, “Well, at least nothing can be worse than Bush”, but imagine if this new crew of wackos got in! There’s no real policy there, just “personalities”; no debate, just these mean, crazy lies.

What would it say about America if McCain won? Well, it would say “America is doomed”, for one thing. A bunch of “mavericks” fueled by delusion and paranoia…. The US would be the next Russia. Oh dear.

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* I find I agree with Gore Vidal on this one – the only religion for a person of intelligence and taste is paganism (no wonder all those Oxbridge dons loved their Classics). Paganism (at its best) is truly a personal religion, as opposed to the requisite monolithic mentality of the monotheisms. Paganism is a way to understand the world, not a dogma. It allows for the existence of conflict and even of evil, and says that people are not superior to the world in which they live. I’m not a pagan, but I enjoy the idea of the world being full of spirit, as a metaphor for the way we should live.


2 Responses to “Retarded Americans will doom us all”

  1. pacer521 Says:

    great commentary. I am really enjoying your blog — as an American curious about Australia. eh, one day I’ll come over to Australia and see what up (or down, however you say it).


  2. eyeresist Says:

    Thanks for the comment. Considering the Australian dollar has collapsed recently, this might be a great time to come on down. Summer’s coming (if you’re into such things), and the red/blue divide is much less toxic than where you’re from.

    I just checked out your latest post – good stuff, though sometimes these days my brain reacts to the latest political news like an emetic!

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