A wave of blood

26 August, 2008

Outside my window is a truck which is a mobile blood donation centre. To illustrate this, there is a giant cartoonish wave of blood painted on its side. I don’t know what a hemophobe (person who fears blood) would make of that. (no picture, sorry, you’ll just have to imagine it)

I don’t donate blood because I have psoriasis, and am concerned about any disturbance to my skin (i.e. creation of more lesions).


How geek am I?

26 August, 2008

According to this test, I am only about 17% geek 😦

I’ve suggested to the Geekmaster that for the “other geek qualities” question at the end, people be able to log their specifics. E.g. I am hugely into classical music (1 point), though I can barely read music (-1 point), and I have a T-shirt of one of my favourite composers* (1 point), which I wear in the hope that someone will recognise him (1 point). (This hasn’t happened yet.)

I also noticed that science fiction/fantasy related questions were quite specific, i.e. Star Wars/LOTR/Star Trek/Buffy, plus a mention of 42. But no questions on number of books owned, for instance. There wasn’t even a (specific) cosplay question! Also no mention of manga. Or model-building. But then, it’s possible to be a geek in practically any area, so I guess the test writer had to draw the line somewhere.

Good clean fun. Recommended.

*Extra credit if you guess the composer on the shirt.