Harry Potter and the Vengeance of Flames

17 July, 2008

Terrible fan-fiction is compulsive:

Harry potter was on the interstate in LA dricing his cool 60s convertable and looking out at the dirty city of angels. it was getting dark and neon lights lit up the roadslike crazy colonoscopys by a crazy man.Its anuther tough day inn the city thought harry surly But

then he saw her its that girl!!!!!!! he shouted and truned and rode the car up on the sidewalk in alarm. Stopp!!! thje orlock hasd the flame of vengaence and used it to stop harry there, he was frosen and the girl cried out to save me!!! but harry he was better and used a spell his froend from school has found, that ina secret book staircaseand the baddy guy came all alight and screamed and smoke up into the sky and wirling clouds and thunder and the girl sauid I am safe now thank you harry potter, and then she BJD him to say thks.


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