Medical stuff

22 February, 2008

Just a little update…

I was planning to finally see an arthritis specialist, after some hassle with the local hospital, which my GP led me to believe had a treatment clinic. Turns out they do, but only for surgical cases…? The woman may have been fobbing me off. BTW, I discovered that neither of the “main” phone numbers for RPA actually worked!

Anyway, plans changed when I decided it probably was time to use the referral I got last year and kept putting off – the magic words “testicular ultrasound”. Hypochondria of course plays a part: “Didn’t my balls used to be squishier?” “Did the tubes used to be that thick near the ball?” “Have they gotten heavier?”

Of two things I am certain: there is a small lump on the right one (hopefully some sort of cyst?), and I have been experiencing a dull ache. I’m hoping (a) I don’t die, and (b) I can still have kids (as remote as that possibility seems anyway).

Oh, and I’m tireder than ever.


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