Showing interest in people

6 December, 2007

Memo to self:

When someone asks you what your plans for New Years Evening are, you should (after lying and saying “Oh, nothing yet but something always turns up” and implying that you have on previous occasions gone to parties inter-state, instead of being honest and saying that you’ll be alone in your room as usual, and maybe even in the shower come midnight, consistent with the past few years), you should then say, “And how about you, what are you doing this year? What are your plans?”

I’m not actually autistic. This is just a basic social reflex which, due to my neglected upbringing, I never acquired. I’m trying to keep it mind by recalling that song:

I like New York in June
How about you?


Oh, and try not to “zone out” while they’re telling you about themselves. There may be a quiz at the end!


2 Responses to “Showing interest in people”

  1. maddymoo Says:

    Ironically I find myself now pining for the years when I had nowhere to go (and no obligations per se), even though at the time I felt like I would die if I didn’t get invited anywhere for another year… Of course, at the time, it *mattered*; now I’m over it (she mutters, all fogey-like, sucking her gums)

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