Exercise and sunbathing – brave new world

3 December, 2007

On Sunday I partook in some self-improving measures…

Exercise: After stretching, I did some sit-ups, some push-ups, some lifting (with tins of canned tomatoes), and some squats. I can definitely feel the squats today, with stairs being something of a problem! I also felt a bit nauseous after exercise, which is curious. I had the same reaction during the moving process, but assumed it was the heat.

Sun exposure: My new flat faces west, which means I don’t have to blockade the window against the morning sun, which means I can actually look out the window on a regular basis. Being so high up (out of the neighbours’ view), it also means I can take advantage of the afternoon sun to “catch some rays”.

I’ve spent my life avoiding the sun, thanks to my father, whose torso is covered with ugly moles. Unfortunately, skin health (including suppression of psoriasis) requires vitamin D, which we generally get from sun exposure.

So, I sunbathed in my flat (handy!) from 4 to 7pm. I had the window open, as apparently UV is blocked by glass. I did both sides, front and back, and found (a) the heat from the sun makes your skin sweat, and (b) one’s genitals turning slightly pink is a slightly alarming experience. I might cover that up next time.

As far as I can tell, I haven’t tanned in the slightest. Maybe I should have left a patch covered for comparison?

I also bought some cod liver oil capsules on the weekend, which contain vitamin D, among other nutrients. Four pills a day with food. Good stuff, but I can’t help feeling sorry for the cod!


2 Responses to “Exercise and sunbathing – brave new world”

  1. maddymoo Says:

    I would fervently hope you *wouldn’t* see a tan yet. You’ll burn before you tan, dear (us palefaces always do). Nausea is likely caused by dehydration (I know it well, ahem).

  2. eyeresist Says:

    I’m going to cut out the sun exposure, as I’ve noticed some new, small moles have appeared. I think I just wasn’t supposed to see the sun!

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