9 October, 2007

Running to work today, because I was late, because I am sleep deprived (and trying to work up the energy to pack and move to the new flat I am now paying rent for), I jaywalked – or should I say ran? – and found my top half was moving faster than my bottom half. I discovered, suddenly, that there is no way to compensate for inertia in this circumstance. I tried to run faster but ended up sliding face first into the gutter.

Shock, pain, worry were my immediate reactions. The shock of the unexpected accident and danger (though the thought of being run over didn’t enter my mind), pain from hands, knees and elbows, worry that I might have seriously hurt myself. I had literally come face-to-face with the asphalt, but though I kept touching my face to be sure, it had escaped unmarked.

I picked myself up and staggered off the road, and waved to the car nearby to show I was okay. Staggered on a bit more. A voice from an ugly orange hoon-mobile called out asking if I was okay, but to be honest I couldn’t tell if he was mocking me or not. I gave him a wave too.

So I’m okay. My supervisor lent me a few bandaids, and I had to explain to her that I was bleeding partly just because of my psoriasis, which makes the skin more easily broken. I’m still sore and repenting my stupidity, but count myself lucky. I wonder if this will motivate me to get off my arse and start packing? I tend not to have such fairy-tale moments in my life.

Hell of a day so far!


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