Malware 050707

5 July, 2007

Problems with malware on my work PC (Win2000). That’s what I get for enabling ActiveX controls and plug-ins. Four files initially seemed to be the problem: vistpms32.exe, vistpms32.exe.cfg, winpp2upd.exe, & winpp2upd.exe.cfg . IE (5.5) address history started recording every address I copied and pasted, and kept trying to download items claiming to be from “”, titles including “lucky9” and “nonsession”.

Deleting the above named files didn’t fix the problem, as they kept reappearing. Finally, I found a strange file in the msconfig startup list: mfvui32.exe . Admin restrictions wouldn’t let me change the list, but I was able to delete the file, after which the problems stopped. All these files were in C:\WINNT\System32 .

Hope this is useful.


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