A wiki for the rest of U.S.?

12 April, 2007


Tired of the LIBERAL BIAS every time you search on Google and a Wikipedia page appears? Our study suggests that Wikipedia is 6 times more liberal than the American public. Now it’s time for the Conservatives to get our voice out on the internet!

Conservapedia began in November 2006, as the class project for a World History class of 58 advanced homeschooled and college-bound students meeting in New Jersey.

Conservapedia has since grown enormously, including contributors worldwide. Conservapedia already exceeds the number of entries in the Oxford Dictionary of World History. Conservapedia is rapidly becoming one of the largest and most reliable online educational resources of its kind.

The insecurity and feeble intellect behind this blurb is actually quite touching. Can Wikipedia really be scientifically proved to be 6x as “liberal” as the American Public? And so what? Wikipedia is a world resource, not a US domain. Anyone can contribute, even conservatives! Perceived bias must be due to more “liberals” than conservatives taking part in the wiki. Let’s look at the possible reasons:

Liberals are more likely to contribute to Wikipedia because they are evil and want to warp people’s minds and morals


Comparatively advanced internet users are more likely to contribute to Wikipedia. Advanced internet users are usually more highly educated than others. Highly educated people are more likely to hold “liberal” views. Hey, it’s just like the doctor’s plot! Those darn book-learned varmints!

Wikipedia has a lot of problems (including the seldom-mentioned problem of wackos camping an article and reverting all contributions) that its fans tend to gloss over, but I think I’ll usually prefer its articles to the contributions of “58 advanced homeschooled and college-bound students meeting in New Jersey” (no offence meant to New Jersey).


2 Responses to “A wiki for the rest of U.S.?”

  1. aL Says:

    I agree totally with you. Having the ‘wisdom of the crowds’ of millions of eyes and hands contributing to a ‘living’ document such as Wikipedia beats any small group of ‘experts’ written documents any day, as long as the topic is not about some out of the world top secret only two people in the world knows stuffs.

    I also have to say it’s weird how they come frame Google as ‘liberal biased’ since Google only merely reflects the internet linkage community, which pretty much is a direct reflection of those people who uses the internet. If what they argued is right, then it is not Google who is liberal biased, but rather those who use the internet are.

  2. eyeresist Says:

    Thanks for commenting. Thanks for agreeing with me!

    I’m not actually much of a believer in the wisdom of crowds – if you look at a list of top-rating TV shows you’ll see what I mean. It really depends upon the properties of the individuals within those crowds, which I think was my point: Wikipedia has a fair complement of wackos and a few really horrible people, but there is also a substantial number of people who want to pass the benefits of their knowledge and abilities on to others.

    OTOH, Conservapedia – well, the name says it all, doesn’t it? It’s hardly going to attract a diverse pool of contributors. They don’t want to increase knowledge, they want to turn people into their idea of “conservatives”. In fact, their purpose is exactly what they accuse “liberal” Wikipedia of doing. They might as well call it Propagandapedia. I’d accuse them of hypocrisy, except I don’t think they’re capable of understanding the irony of their position.

    So I guess maybe I’ll refine my position on the wisdom of crowds: a large collection of random idiots is generally wiser than a self-selected clique of fanatical ideologues. I think that’s something we can all agree upon. šŸ™‚

    (I assume for ‘Google’ you meant Wikipedia.)

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