Americans are stupid – prove me wrong

2 March, 2007

In case you’d begun to think that perhaps the US isn’t some bizarre theocracy in the making, check out the story of the teacher sentenced to 40 years for porn pop-ups. Okay, the anti-American title of this post is a bit rough, seeing as a number of US companies and individuals are supporting this poor woman’s cause, but the fact that this issue has arisen in the first place should give reasonable people pause.

In Australia, and probably anywhere else in the Western world, the teacher might be suspended and investigated, and at most fired or reprimanded. In the US, she is convicted by a sub-simian jury, and sentenced by a cretinous judge to 40 years for “four counts of risking injury to a child”. Injury? The kids are fine, and probably missing their teacher. If people are worried that their moral development is somehow harmed, maybe they should also arrest anyone who’s had sex while the children were home.

If this woman does one day of jail time, it’s time we finally revoked the United States’s membership of the “Western world”. They’ll get along much better with the hand-chopping, honour-killing crazies currently running the Middle East.


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