What’s the market value of compassion?

7 December, 2006

In the process of reading an interview with Dave Barry (thanks, Arts & Letters Daily), I feel prompted to mention libertarianism.

First of all, it’s an ideology. Ideology, like religion, is a substitute for thought. So it’s crap.

Like all ideologies, the adherents say “everything would be perfect, if only {x}”. Nevermind if {x} involves letting helpless people starve (because welfare is WRONG), or letting weird cults brainwash and abuse children (because public schools are WRONG), or letting companies pay less money for more work with less safety and no benefits (because, even though you’d think libertarians would be all in favour of labour unions, unions are WRONG).

If you think I’m exaggerating, try to get even halfway through this bizarre screed, in which the virtues of love and charity are put in inverted commas and derided as being contrary to the will of the freemarket god.

Second of all… Actually, I think that about covers it for now.


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